UK Business Enterprise Visa

UK Business Enterprise Visa

The UK Business Enterprise route is a tailor-made immigration solution that allows foreign nationals to achieve UK residency by establishing a functional office in the UK.
This program is designed to boost and stimulate the UK economy by securing foreign direct investment through business and enterprise creation.
The Business Enterprise Route allows international investors, entrepreneurs, and business people to establish a UK Office and effectively sponsor themselves in the UK.
The main applicant will receive full UK residency for themselves and their dependents, with access to free education, free healthcare, and a pathway to citizenship.
The UK business will also be able to issue sponsorships for additional applicants

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Investors
Highly Skilled Employees & C-Level Executives

• Work for your business.
• Sponsor Employees from the parent company
• You can operate the business solely or form a team with your business partner.
• Open multiple businesses in the UK.
• Bring your family with you to the UK.
• Apply to settle in the UK after you have completed 3 years.
• Apply for citizenship after 6 years of stay in the UK.
• UK Limited Company & Business Bank Account. (with the ability to send and receive international payments)
• Full UK Residency for you and your family.
• Free Healthcare (NHS) for all the family.
• Free education for children under 18 years.
• Spouse can work full time

Application PROCESS

Initial consultation with our experts

Choose the right program and sign the agreement

Send documents to your dedicated lawyer

Receive your UK company bank account

Get your residency in 90days